Laboratory HAP Parkplantsoen Amsterdam

The laboratory is located in the Apotheek Nieuwe Houthaven at Revaleiland 42, just a few doors down from our practice. The laboratory is open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 08:00 – 11:00 for various lab work. If you are unable to come to our medical practice, we can also arrange that the laboratory comes to you.

Lab research

The lab tests at HAP Parkplantsoen are organised by the Reinier MDC medical laboratory.

These examinations include: blood sampling, cervical examination (pap smear), urine and stool examinations, STD test, allergy examination, GFR value and blood sugar measurement. Thrombosis care, sperm examination and some functional research is undertaken by ATAL laboratories.


Feel free to contact us for an appointment. We are happy to assist you.

Opening times

Opening times

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
08.00-12.00 (by appointment only)

Unreachable by phone from 12:30 -13:00 (but for emergencies)

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
08:00 – 11:00


We still have space for new patients. We would therefore like to invite you to come by for a personal introduction.

Our team

Our specialists are there for you

Mala Gangadin

General practitioner

Family doctor and HAP Parkplantsoen founder

Maxime Strobbe

Licensed practical nurse

Licensed practical nurse (LPN/POH), mental health (GGZ)

Aretha Kross

Licensed practical nurse

Licensed practical nurse (LPN/POH), somatic

Loella Philips

Doctor’s assistant

Doctor’s assistant at HAP Parkplantsoen in Amsterdam