Privacy Policy HAP Parkplantsoen Amsterdam

The purpose of this policy is to outline the measures taken by Huisartsenpraktijk (HAP) Parkplantsoen to ensure that patient data is handled with care. This policy applies to all processed (automated) patient data in a file.

Collecting and processing patient data

Great care is taken to process patient data properly and only for the purposes for which it is/was collected. Data can be gathered during consultations, treatments or at other times. The use of this data is intended only for providing proper care (in particular: treatment, consultation, referral, transfer), as well as for use in monitoring our own quality control.

Processing general patient data and health data

General patient data is only ever processed if one of the following conditions is met:

  • Processing is required to provide basic medical care to the patient;
  • Processing is required to fulfil a legal obligation;
  • Processing is required to address a serious health risk to the patient;
  • Health data for a patient is only processed if one of the above conditions apply

* Processing is conducted by health care providers, institutions or health care facilities or social services, only insofar as it is required for the proper treatment or care of the patient. Patients have given permission (oral or written) for processing this data.

Data security

All employees who handle patient data are bound by confidentiality.  Patient data is never kept longer than required; in principle, medical data is held for 15 years, or as long as is necessary to provide proper care.

Only authorised personnel have access to the (digital) files of the practice. Computers are password-protected and the room in which data is stored are not freely accessible.

Patient’s rights

  • The patient has the right to review all data collected and processed about him or her. 
  • The patient is entitled to a copy of all data collected or processed about him or her; upon request, the practice will provide a copy and may charge a reasonable fee for this service.
  • The patient has the right to request corrections or additional information to the collected and processed data, insofar as it is incomplete and/or factually incorrect.
  • The patient has the right to request that his or her data be deleted or limit the use of the collected and processed data.
  • The right to inspect, copy or make requests regarding additions, corrections, limited use or deletion are not allowed when it is necessary to protect the substantial interest of someone else (including their protection of privacy) and/or in the case where data storage is a legal requirement.
  • If the patient believes that these policies have not been, or insufficiently, complied with, he or she may submit a complaint to the practice.
  • In situations where the patient is unable to represent him or herself, a legal representative may take his or her place.


Publication of privacy policy

These privacy regulations of Huisartsenpraktijk (HAP) Parkplantsoen came into effect as of 01-07-2017 and are published on the website of the practice.